Reflexology massage relaxing in nature Relax Healthy feet

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment that works on reflex points on the feet or hands. These points reflect to areas of the body, encouraging the body’s natural healing process, encouraging the flow of circulation and energy.

Gentle pressure is applied to the feet or hands stimulating these reflex points which may aid imbalances found.

Reflexology is often used to maintain and improve well-being or for general relaxation. Regular sessions can support you through pregnancy, an illness or health concern.

  • Releases tension
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves mood
  • Aids stress and anxiety

A research project that suggests reflexology may have an effect on anxiety state:

Evaluation of anxiety, salivary cortisol and melatonin secretion following reflexology treatment: A pilot study in healthy individuals. A.J. Mc Vicar, C.R. Greenwood, F. Fewell, V. D’Arcy, S. Chandrasekharan and L.C. Alldridge. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. 2007 VOL 13; NUMBER 3, page(s) 137-145

What happens during a treatment?

Your first appointment will include a health consultation and an opportunity to share your reasons for having reflexology. The treatment will be tailored for you and your current state of health. Your information is kept fully confidential.

Relaxation is the key to great health. Janie will offer techniques to help you into a relaxed state to begin, enabling you to switch off, enjoy and fully relax throughout your treatment.

How much is a Reflexology Treatment?

An initial appointment 70mins: £60  (includes health consultation)

Reflexology sessions 1hr: £55 (or buy multiple sessions to receive a discount).

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