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I provide health and wellbeing consultations including Naturopathic Nutrition, Reflexology, Yoga and Wellbeing Coaching.  I specialise in supporting people suffering from symptoms associated with ME, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia through the Chrysalis Effect Support Recovery ProgrammeAbout me

Naturopathic Nutrition 

Food provides essential elements to keep our body healthy.  A Naturopathic Nutrition consultation explores what is best for you, your health and your lifestyle to rebalance the nutrients in your diet and help you encourage enjoyable, healthy nutritious eating.

healthy eating


Wellbeing Coaching

Encouragement to help you to identify and achieve your health and life goals.       About Wellbeing Coaching

nurturing growth




Support your hormones, sleep and digestive systems and take time out with relaxing Reflexology treatments.

Reflexology Treatments  Maternity Reflexology

reflexology massage



Build your energy, strength and flexibility, and learn to calm your mind and destress with Yoga classes or 1 to 1 yoga sessions, personalised for your ailments and level of ability.  About Yoga

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 Tailored programmes of treatment

Book in here for a free 15 minute chat with Janie to discuss your needs and a treatment package for you or Contact Janie , including any of:

Nutritional consultation, Reflexology treatments, Yoga sessions, Specialist ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia Support and Wellbeing Coaching